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SmartLite Polycarbonate  Roof Sheeting



Welcome to FGW Corporation Pty Ltd


FGW Corporation has been manufacturing roof sheeting since 1983 and has accumulated a vast knowledge in this field, keeping up with the latest technology and trends in the industry.

Currently FGW Corporation are the only West Australian manufacturer of high quality FRP Translucent Roofing Panels.

Rotary Roof Ventilators and Plastic Lattice form natural product partners with FGW translucent roofing products.

Topglass GC
Gel-Coated Roofing and Cladding  

Topglass Cool
Heat Reducing Translucent Roofing  

Topglass SPF
Solar Controlled Translucent Roofing  

Topglass Ultra-Safe
Heavy Duty – Trafficable Translucent and Solid Coloured Glass Reinforced Roofing System  

TS20 Twinskin System
Cost Effective Insulated Double Glazed Natural Lighting Roof System.  

Topglass Triple Skin

Topglass Triple-Skin
A fully insulated natural lighting roofing product.  

Topglass 50 FR Plus
Fire Retardant Translucent Roofing  

Topglass FR 50
Smoke Reduced Translucent Roofing  

Heavy Duty Corrosion Resistant Reinforced Solid Coloured Glass Roofing and Cladding System  

Eco-Lite 10
General purpose sheeting used in the domestic and industrial roofing industry.  

SmartLite Polycarbonate Roof Sheeting

General purpose polycarbonate roof sheeting used in the domestic roofing industry.


Smartlite Multiwall Brochure PDF


Gallina Polycarbonate Products


Roof Ventilators
An efficient and cost effective system of natural ventilation.  


Sump Jet Roof Sumps

Roofing Accessories

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